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If you feel down and frustrated over your failure after several attempts of losing weight, you need to take a look at the story of Toccara of the America’s Next Top Model. This top model of ANTM has unusual weight that is definitely different from the average standard of weight for a model. She is considered as a model with over size. You can see several episodes of Celebrity Fit Club with her appearance and also the professional trainer Harvey. With a lot of efforts and strong determination she can successfully reach her ideal and healthy body shape. Since then, people started talking about Tocarra weight loss program.

What Size Is Toccara Jones 238x300 Tocarra Weight Loss

What Size Is Toccara Jones


Actually, the diet or weight loss program Toccara took is no much different compared to any other diet plans or weight loss programs. The main important point in Tocarra’s case is actually the strong determination and also discipline she put while she was taking her diet program. She is very aware of the world she has just joined in, modeling, that requires her to have presentable body shape that can please the clients. She has to have ideal body weight because she needs to fit in various types of clothes and also many other products from the clients. Therefore, this is the most powerful trigger that encouraged her to get through her diet and work out plan.


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Toccara Jones Measurements

As it has been mentioned previously, Tocarra weight loss is a mixture of food intake control and also working out or exercise sessions. Toccara even joined Harvey in the Celebrity Fit Club, or also known as CFC, in order to achieve her goal of ideal and healthy body shape. Do not throw any accusations about unhealthy diet programs usually used by unhealthy models out there to Toccara because it is totally different from what she did. Her way of losing weight is very natural and healthy. as you can see now, her body does not only look sexy but also healthy as well.


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Toccara Jones Boyfriend

If you really want to have a not only ideal but also healthy body then you need to do it like Toccara did. You can manage your own diet meal plan and limit the calories intake each day. You can use a table of calories carried by each food item so it will be easier for you to mix and match various food items in your meal and also limit the calories intake as well. This way you can lose a lot of weight in not time.


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Toccara Before and After

Another important point in Tocarra weight loss diet that should not be forgotten is the exercise sessions. according to her experience, you need to at least take four times exercise or working out session in a week so you can burn a lot of fats and calories so your body will stay healthy and sexy. You can also combine it with a session of sauna so you can detoxify your body and reduce some weight as well. Trust me and Toccara, of course, that this way will truly bring you to your goal.

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